Best Can Opener to buy in 2019 – Can opener Reviews

Welcome to my Best Can Opener Reviews blog! The kitchen is my most favorite place in the world, be it at home or work. One of the most useful but under appreciated kitchen tool is the can opener. I hope that with my research on the various types and models of can openers, you will find the best can opener for your kitchen or camping trips!

Which is the Best Can Opener: Electric or Manual?

In general, there are two types of can openers in the market; electric and manual. Manual can openers have two levers to assist in puncturing the can while a hand crank is used to move the rotary wheel along the top of the can to open it. It is easy to store because it’s slim and compact. Cleaning is easy as you can just run it under the water or chuck it in the dishwasher.

However, there is one serious downside to manual can openers; it requires some amount of strength for the user to clamp the rotary wheel through the can. So, people with arthritis or problems with manual dexterity will not be able to use even the best can opener in this category.

That is where the best electric can opener can help. With a push of a button, the can opener starts to do its job for the operator, faster than when the operator uses a manual one. There is also a magnet that will hold onto the top of the can while it is being cut off the can.

Most electric can openers are designed for a countertop or placed under the counter or cabinets. Countertop models can pose some problem; it may take limited space and it for some models will not be able to open extra tall cans.

Canned Food Safety Tips

Canned food are one of the most widely used packed food in the world because they are easy to store (especially for emergencies) and don’t require much to be prepared. They taste good and last for a long time.Of course, as with any other food, you need to ensure the safety of the food that you put in your mouth. With canned food, there are certain things you need to watch out to ensure how safe it is to be eaten:

  • Never eat food from cans that are dented or bulging. This means that they are old and may have been exposed to air, which will encourage growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Highly acidic food may have chemical reaction with the can and cause it to rust. Need I stress how dangerous food contaminated by rust?
  • Make sure to check the smell, color and texture of the food ALL the time. Do not attempt to eat anything that smell and look different.


Top Can Opener Reviews

Of course, this is only my view on what I think are the best can openers based on what I’ve seen, read about or used. Of course, having the best does not mean it will not be damage prone, especially electric can openers. It’s always handy to know how to fix and maintain your electric can openers.

Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact

Cordless can openers combine the best of the electric can opener’s dexterity and the flexibility of a manual can opener. The Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact has been reported to be the best cordless can opener in the market.

Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact

Hamilton Beach 76500 Walk ‘N Cut Cordless Can Opener

“It’s small, cordless you can keep it on the counter or stored in a drawer. It opens big and small cans. It can also amuse people watching this little can opener, going round, cutting the can open.We gave it an initial charge, with the supplied charger and it worked for three months before having to recharge.”

Able to open any sized cans
Unlike the conventional electric can opener, it is not limited to any size of cans. It is smaller than your conventional electric can opener but slightly bigger than the manual can opener. Because of its open design, the Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact just go around the outside rim of the can. You can also be assured that a heavy can won’t fall off the opener. Because of its size, it is able to be stored in one of your kitchen drawers and will not clutter precious countertop.


Lefty friendly
For left handed people, this is a great alternative to the manual can opener, that is hard to used by left-handed people. It is also cheaper than most specially made can openers for lefties.

It has been reported that a single charge of the can opener can last up to 3 months of usage. Of course, this depends on how frequent you use it. Also, many find this can opener amusing as it goes around the can before automatically shutting itself off when it is done.

The Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Compact is a great product if you’re looking for something that is easy to use and able to open any type of cans. Get it from Amazon where it is one of the bestsellers in the Home & Garden category.


OXO 58081 SteeL Can Opener

As a cook, I demand nothing less than the best quality kitchen aids to work with. Like any other pieces in the OXO SteeL line, the OXO 58081 SteeL Can Opener is one of the best manual can opener out there.

Oxo 58081 SteeL Can Opener

Easy on the arms and hands
The plastic twist handles fit great in the crook of my palm. The rubber fins on the handle are flexible and allows the absorption of the tension necessary to keep the opener in place while the sharp, stainless steel cutter does its job. The mechanism of the can opener gives a lot of leverage so that should you be opening cans all day long, it won’t leave you with sore arms.

Smooth operator
The soft, slip-resistant grips and big knob make using the OXO 58081 SteeL Can Opener effortless. I think I’ve used this can opener thousands of times but it works as it had the first time I used it. It does its job without any problems or delays as the cans will not slip off the grips while the rotary wheel will not skip or jump off the top of the can.

Other than being effortlessly easy to use, it is also very durable. I’ve had this can opener at home and at work for about five years and they are both still work and look great. I know that its stainless steel and it won’t rust, but I’ve seen some appliances rust despite their ‘stainless steel’ claims. It has not gone flimsy either. The built in bottle opener is also helpful when there’s a stubborn lid in the kitchen.

The OXO 58081 SteeL Can Opener is a splurge for a manual can opener but its worth every penny spent. Get it from Amazon now and you will enjoy the FREE Super Saver Shipping.


West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener

Convenient and easy to use, the West Bend Electric Can Opener has made opening canned food easy for my elderly parents. Electric can openers in general is a friend to people with arthritis and manual dexterity issues.

West Bend Electric Can Openers

Flawless operation
This electric can opener works amazingly smooth. There’s no struggling involved to get the can attached to the opener as it fits into place immediately and proceeds to cut the top open quietly. Despite being a top cutter, the edges come out smooth with no metal shavings falling into the can. Food doesn’t splutter out the can too, as what frequently happens to most electric can openers.

The West Bend Electric Can Opener also have other functions; knife sharpener and bottle opener. These added functions are accessible at the back of the unit. My dad find it a hassle, though and said he prefers using the manual bottle opener.

Thoughtful design
The manufacture has put much thought in the sleek design of the West Bend Electric Can Opener. Rather than leaving the magnet out, it was designed so that it is ‘hidden’ so that it won’t ‘attract’ anything magnetic that is near it. It’s extra tall stature allows even the tallest can to be used with it and the slim design takes little space. The detachable chrome cutting accessory also allow easy cleaning and the cord storage at the base allows easy storage when it is not used.

Of all the electric can openers I’ve seen, used and owned, the West Bend 77203 Electric Can Openerdefinitely tops the others. Although I must agree that the price is a bit hefty for a can opener, the safety feature of no-sharp-edges and automatic shut off will make me go back to Amazon to get another model should this one is damaged.


Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH Portable Can Opener

People say that for quality, you would need to pay for it. I say, as long as you find the right thing, even the cheapest item can be a gem. The Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH Portable Can Opener is one of those precious budget finds that is friendly to your pocket and handy in the kitchen.

Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH

Durable and reliable
It says a lot on durability when I say that I grew up seeing both of my grandmother and mother used this very same can opener. And even after more than 20 years, my mother’s Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH Portable Can Opener still works great. The single defect of the can opener is that instead of white, the handles are now yellowish. The only reason that my mother now use electric can openers is that because of her arthritis, she no longer have the strength to clamp the levers.

For something that cost half of what the market is now offering, this traditional can opener pop the top of the can smoothly. The only problem that you have to worry is that the lid would fall inside the food if you don’t pay attention.

Everything at ease
With the Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH Portable Can Opener everything is easy; from usage to cleaning to storage. Unlike an electric can opener that takes space in on your countertop of kitchen cabinet, this can opener can slip into the drawer or mounted against the wall. Cleaning up is also easy by just soaking it in hot soapy water and hang it to dry. Use a toothbrush once in a while to make sure the blade and gear stays shiny.

The Amco Swing-A-Way 407WH Portable Can Opener is a well priced simple contraption. You can get it now at $7.50 from Amazon and is eligible for the 4-for-3 promotion. No harm in buying more than one; one for your kitchen, one for your pet food, another in your camping kit and one in your disaster kit.

That’s all for now, and I will be writing more can opener reviews and tips soon. Have fun looking for the right can opener!